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adding freshness to Odwalla
quality and financial rewards squeezed from hexachrome

"We have a group geared to perfection in everything we do," stated Maude Martin, manager of creative services at Odwalla Inc. "Having evolved our packaging over the years, our product has continued to improve, and the PANTONE Hexachrome label is an important part of that."

Based in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Odwalla Inc. produces all-natural pure squeezed and pure pressed fruit and vegetable juices, all-natural spring water, and food bars under the Odwalla and Samantha brands. Committed to using the best quality ingredients in its products "from soil to soul," the company's goal is to provide nourishment to as many people as possible in a variety of forms.

"Our philosophy dictates how we go to market. Respecting the product along the way is critical to our success in delivering a super-premium product. Every step of the journey, from growing to production to process to the shelf is important," Martin explained.

"For our labels, we were looking for an opportunity to save money over using spot color. Four-color wasn't going to produce the quality we were determined to achieve," Martin continued. "The people in our creative group are really active seekers looking for opportunities to improve and benefit our day-to-day processes, including investigating new technologies to change or improve what we do. Someone on our team heard about Hexachrome and we decided to look into it further."

Odwalla tapped LaCrosse, Wisconsin-based Inland Printing for label production in 1999. For over 55 years, Inland had printed labels and POS materials for beverage companies, including all major North American brewers, bottled water and juices.

"Odwalla's labels were the first we did in Hexachrome," related Roman Artz, national account manager at Inland Printing. "With about 50 SKUs, Odwalla had to do 50 different press set-ups for short runs if they needed all 50 labels printed. They wanted to use 10 to 14 spot colors but needed the efficiency of running a combination of labels on one sheet.

"We recognized that Hexachrome was the only option that afforded them the color impact they were looking for from spot colors with the efficiency of running labels in combination. We converted all of Odwalla's spot color artwork to Hexachrome using Pantone's HEXWARE® software and combined the SKUs, dramatically reducing the number of setups per order. Owing to the economies of scale, Odwalla can get the impact of spot colors with the efficiencies of running them in combination, resulting in a lower cost per 1000 for their labels."

"PANTONE Hexachrome was a great solution, making our packaging more economically viable while maintaining integrity and color quality," Martin agreed. "It has been successful for us from a financial perspective, while its broader gamut helps distinguish our package on the shelf and fits with our goal of providing the utmost quality."


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